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Ragamala Lights 2021 - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

If you are an practitioner/performer/teacher of Hindustani music, 18+ years old, and based in North America, we're ready for your music!

What: "Ragamala Lights" is a morning-length online festival of Devotional Classical Music. The first hour will be curated from submissions of 6-8 min video clips of performances from the community.

Where: Online on Ragamala's YouTube and Facebook channels.

When: Nov 14th 8-9 AM PST (This will be followed by a featured concert from India).

Eligibility: 18+ years old musicians based in North America.

Deadline for submissions: Oct 31st, 2021

Your piece: You send us a 6-8 min high quality video clip (YouTube link) of your music to Your choice of music can be Dhrupad, Khayal, Thumri-Dadra, Bhajans or any Hindustani Classical Music genre, as long as the lyrics are devotional, and the music uplifting. Instrumental submissions are encouraged to play well-known devotional pieces.

Our piece: Our team will curate an hour-length program based on your submissions, and let you know by Nov 8th/9th. In the interest of time, we anticipate selecting 7-8 pieces of beautiful music that speaks to our theme.

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