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Ragamala strives to bring together a global community around Indian Classical Music. This includes musicians, teachers, students, practitioners, connoisseurs, and anyone that loves Raga music. In addition to bringing concerts and workshops to the Greater Seattle area/North America, we also growing our community participatory events every year.

Raga Parichaya

A workshop/masterclass style session led by performing musician(s). These sessions offer a deeper understanding of a particular Raga/Raag-Anga and new compositions. Some workshops focus on particular composers, or vocal/instrumental techniques, riyaz methods etc. Whether you are a student or a lay listener, the goal here is to enhance your learning, understanding and appreciation of the music.

Anatomy of a Sitar Concert

Our Annual Summer Festival featuring local classical music ensembles interspersed with and opening for Master musicians.

Raga Sadhana

Our Annual Music Competition for Young Adults. There are prizes and badges to be won, and certificates for all. But more importantly, we connect participants with Master musicians from India, so students can receive critical feedback to help you in your music journey.

Ragamala Lights

Community Lights - a collage of devotional music from Hindustani classical music practitioners, performers and teachers based in North America - followed by a Featured Concert. An opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the season of Diwali and Lights with music.

Gurus/ Teachers

Ragamala proudly supports teachers and student communities in the Greater Seattle Area and beyond. Talented students often open concerts and facilitate workshops for Ragamala. Our teachers are the driving force behind these contributions. Link to teacher directory

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