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What it is:

Ragamala's Annual Competition 'Raga Sadhana' seeks to encourage young students of Hindustani Classical Music in North America (US and Canada), to showcase their talent and accomplishment, in front of distinguished judges. The judges are Performing Artists from India.


Participants can apply to one or more of these categories:

Classical Vocal (Khayal, Dhrupad, Thumri/Dadra, Tappa, etc.)

Classical Instrumental (Sitar, Sarod, Violin, etc.)

Classical Keyboard Instrumental (Harmonium, Keyboard, etc.)

Classical Rhythm (Tabla, Pakhavaj, etc.)


Age groups: 5-12, 13-18 years.

When it is:

Screen rounds video due by: August 1, 2022 11:59 PM PDT

Final rounds: Sep 17, 2022

<Update: Our next Raga Sadhana will be held in Feb 2024>

How it works:

Participants will be screened asynchronously based on a 3-min live video recording submission by a panel of judges. Participants who clear the screening will proceed to the Final Round. All participants will receive written feedback for improvement in the Screening Round via email.


The Final Round will be a live Zoom session with another panel of judges. Our judges are performing musicians of considerable repute. Here, you will perform a longer piece of your choice. All finalists will receive written feedback for improvement in the Final Round via email. The Top 3 Winners, and optionally a Judge's Choice, in each category and age group, will receive Ragamala trophies. But the real prize is the feedback you receive on your Sadhana at every step. To register for the competition go here. (

How to participate:

Submit your entry by the end of August 1, 2021, using the link here.

(Have your 3 min video ready before you start. There is a $20 entry fee for participation.)


If you are selected for the final round, you will perform live on Zoom in front of a panel of judges. Ragamala will share additional details with the finalists via email.


Please note that Ragamala reserves the right to cancel any category if there are fewer than 3 entries, to ensure a fair competition.


Requirements for the screening round video:
  • The video should be 3-minutes max in length.

  • The video should be submitted in the form of a YouTube link. You can share an unlisted link in case you want to limit the privacy of your video. Here's an article on how to upload your video to YouTube:

  • Make sure you record the video in a bright room setting with your face clearly visible.

  • You can record with either live accompaniments (tabla and harmonium) or use software such as iTablaPro.

  • The video needs to represent a continuous session. Edited recordings will be disqualified.




Am I eligible?

If you are a student or (non-professional) performer of Hindustani Classical Music based in North America (US and Canada), and between 5-18 years of age, you are eligible to apply. You don't need to be a US or Canadian permanent resident or a citizen.


Is there an entry fee for participation?

Yes, there's a $20 entry fee that you will need to pay as part of your registration for the screening round.

I just submitted my application. But I haven't received an email. How do I know I am registered?

Please check your spam folder to check for the confirmation email. If you can't see the confirmation email, please feel free to reach out to to confirm. Generally, if you got a confirmation message on the website upon registration, then we have your application. 


When are the final rounds scheduled?

Please check the top of this page for the details. 


How will I be judged?

Your performance for the Screening round and the Final round will be judged across the following criteria: Sur, Taal, Raag, Presentation. In the screening round, you will not be ranked in any way. In the final round, you will perform live before the judges. The top 3 winners in each category and age group will receive trophies.


Can I participate in more than one music category?

Yes. You are welcome to participate in one or more musical categories including Vocal, Instrumental, and Rhythm.


Is any instrument allowed in the Instrumental or the Keyboard Instrumental category?

Yes, even Western instruments such as the Piano or Cello, as long as you play Hindustani Classical Music.


Are group performances allowed?

This year, we are only focused on solo performances.


Other questions?

Please write to us at We will be happy to assist you.


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